Essential MTB Equipment

Essential MTB Equipment

Essential MTB Equipment

For the younger fans that actually read my blogs (I appreciate every one of you), I fully understand that budgets can be a little tight, especially if you’ve just blown most of your savings on a new bicycle, yet here are the raw essentials that won’t require you to sell a kidney in order to attain as I will link to affordable tools that are nothing short of necessary which you will find most useful should you find yourself in a pinch.


There is literally no other way for me to start this blog, simply put, a helmet can and will save your life. It is the single most necessary piece of equipment REQUIRED to participate in a sport as dangerous as mountain biking. There have been a shocking number of debilitating injuries and even deaths from the ‘wheelie’ community who deem helmets as ‘uncool’ and even ‘needless’, hence why they are proven to have more spoke covers than braincells. We must be rid of this stigma and brave the harsh remarks to prioritis
e safety over appearance. Below I will place links to affordable and appropriate helmets for multiple price points in order of ascension.
2. Allen Key Set

As most, if not all the bolts on your bicycle will be secured with an Allen key bolt, a trusty set of Allen keys will undoubtedly be extremely useful in any scenario, whether it be a case of adjustment, repair or maintenance. You can basically construct a complete bicycle with any set of Allen keys. The sheer number of times I have been able to continue riding thanks to these invaluable tools make the meagre price well worth it. Below, I will link to an affordable set of these, so you don’t need to waste time. If the following set isn’t considered as affordable, I am genuinely concerned. This is a purchase you are guaranteed not to regret.
3.Shock Pump

A good shock pump can be pricey, yet it is a necessary item that is used to adjust the stiffness and sag of your suspension which can be adjusted to utilize the full potential of your suspension in order to achieve the best riding capability from your bike. You would be shocked at the difference a few psi can make to your suspension and the potential improvements it can make to your riding. Another somewhat hidden usage of a shock pump is that it can double as a pump for tires with a Schrader valve, killing two birds with one stone. Below, I will link an affordable and baseline shock pump.
4. Grease

Grease is used to lubricate screws, bottom brackets, stems and just about every moving metal part on a bike, therefore it is essential to ensure smooth mechanical function and the prevention of seizure of parts. This also extends the lifecycle of your bike and ensures you have a more enjoyable riding experience with the assurance of mechanical security. Another note, carbon frames and parts require carbon paste instead of regular paste, which I will link below, (regular paste first).
5. Bike Stand

When performing basic bicycle maintenance or potentially an upgrade, the usage of a bike stand makes the entire process much more enjoyable. It allows the user increased ergonomic function which greatly increases your overall mechanical efficiency. It also allows you to cycle your drivetrain allowing the user to easily apply lubricant and perform repairs that are much more complicated when the bike is planted stationary on a surface. Below I will link an affordable bike stand.
I hope you found this list useful and I hope my younger viewers take my helmet safety points into deep consideration.

Ayub Makda - TrailWhips Blog Editor.
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