Best Gifts For Mountain Bikers

Best Gifts For Mountain Bikers

As we welcome the new year, birthdays of the mountain bikers you know are fast approaching, so to ensure you are not left unprepared on their special day, here are some gift ideas specifically tailored towards mountain bikers.

CrankBrothers M-17 Multi-Tool

The Crank Brothers Multi 17 multi tool is a fantastic gadget that will get you out of any bike (and possibly non-bike) related scrape when you're on the move. It's durable and reliable and contains a brilliant range of wrenches and other tools. The integral chain tool is great - with a deep and secure single plate, a textured surface for grip and a compact body which acts as an effective handle, and at a price of around £22.99, it is definitely a good option.

New MTB Shoes.

Although there are many brands out there for this specific purpose, (Etnies, Shimano, Specialized etc) , all provide a tough to beat grip and feel, perfect for any mountain biker. Have a peruse and see which fits the bill.


Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a set of Fox 36 Kashima coated forks, perhaps a set of Renthal carbon handlebars or if you were so inclined, a Hope or Halo wheelset compliments of your local bike shop. I warn you, this is on the more expensive side of gifts, but it is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of your loved one if you have more of a budget.

Schwalbe Magic Mary Tyres

A surefire winning gift. Who doesn’t love a bit of rubber? If you know what I mean! Seriously, you can’t go wrong with getting a Schwalbe Magic Mary. If they haven’t got one already: win. If they have got one already: win (because tyres wear out and it’s good to have a spare waiting!) The added bonus of a Magic Mary is that it works great as either a front tyre or a rear tyre too. Win win win.

Bike Repair Stand

Ask anyone with a bike: You never know what will happen on a ride. All it takes is a root, pothole, or even a patch of rocks to put a bike temporarily out of commission. Equip them with what they need to ride their best. With a foldable bike repair stand, addressing standard repairs on the go is a cinch. The built-in clamp gets bikes in and out of the stand quickly and fits to different tube diameters. They offer maximum stability, allowing for wrenching on flat or uneven surfaces. Very easily transported and adventure-ready.

TrailWhips Gift Card.

Still not sure... a TrailWhips gift card gives your recipient the choice on what to add to their MTB stock. What better place to spend it right here with the guys who published this blog post to try and assist you?!

Ayub Makda - TrailWhips Blog Editor 

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