• Best MTB upgrades

    Best MTB upgrades
    We aim to give you some of the best upgrades you can get to keep your bike running at its best to prepare ourselves for what seems to be taking forever to arrive, summer.

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  • Best Gifts For Mountain Bikers

    Best Gifts For Mountain Bikers
    As we welcome the new year, birthdays of the mountain bikers you know are fast approaching, so to ensure you are not left unprepared on their special day, here are some gift ideas specifically tailored towards mountain bikers. CrankBrothers M-17 Multi-Tool The Crank Brothers Multi 17 multi tool is a fantastic gadget that will get you out of any bike (and possibly non-bike) related scrape when you're on the move. It's durable and reliable and contains a brilliant range of...

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  • Mental Health And Mountain Biking

    Mental Health And Mountain Biking
    In these incredibly tough times we find ourselves in, it is more important than ever to look after ourselves not only physically, but mentally as we are sealed yet again, in lockdown. Below, I will provide advice and tips to stay mentally motivated to get through this crisis.Maintain daily exerciseAs most, if not all of you reading this are avid mountain bikers, daily exercise will mean riding your bikes, which I recommend more than ever. The very word ‘lockdown’ can...

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